Adam Maidens was born and raised in a small country town in outback western NSW called Cobar in 1983.


Adam, better known as Toby grew up surrounded by his family at his grandparent's farm.


Toby is a self-taught artist and creates his art on the Apple iPad. 


Toby has been in the mining industry for 20 years but from a very early age has been drawing.


In January 2018, Toby quit his Underground mining job to peruse his passion - illustrating. 


Toby self-published his first book, Dudley Dog in October 2018. Toby’s mission in creating Dudley is to inspire children to travel, to step outside their comfort zone and meet new people. 


Toby is currently working on Dudley’s second book where he heads to Japan. 


Toby is a loving husband, has three little ladies that keep him busy, two lazy dogs and one stubborn cat.

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